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Concussion Testing:

Concussion Baseline and Post Injury Testing- Impact and Sway computer testing 

ImPACT testing 65.00
Baseline Concussion testing ( ImPACT, Sway, visual and education on concussions) 80.00
Post- Injury Impact/ Sway concussion testing and treatment plan $75.00
Sway testing for the year ( unlimited tests)*   $30.00

First Aid :


CPR-A    $60.00
CPR-C $80.00
CPR-HCP $90.00
CPR-C renewal $70.00
CPR-HCP renewal $80.00

Standard First Aid with CPR- A, C, or HCP

SFA-A $120.00
SFA-C $140.00
SFA-HCP $155.00
SFA-A renewal $95.00
SFA-C renewal $100.00
SFA-HCP renewal   $115.00

Emerency First Aid with CPR - A, C or HCP

EFA- A    $85.00
EFA-C $95.00
EFA-HCP $110.00

Other Courses    


Babysitter course $60.00
Peoplesaver courses  call for prices
Bullying and Harassment Prevention call for prices

Group discounts available *sway year testing excluded.